Casting Off the Bowlines…

Today is the day that I cast off the bowlines. 

I have finally created my authorial blog. 

Why, you may ask, an authorial blog considering that I am not published and that there are many floating about on the internet? 

First of all, it’s because I finished draft one of my novel. It is now simmering in the recesses of my computer and in the meantime, lacking a project, I will write nonfiction on this blog. 

Second of all, I’m serious about being a writer. This is an important decision in every writer’s life, if they’re going to make it. You either write no matter what or you don’t. And I’d die without writing. Perhaps not physically, but it’d be a soul-death, a shriveling up of everything that is in me. 

And so here, in Ink Sea, words will have free reign. I’ll explore what makes story compelling, what it is about a story that makes a person come back. And here, all story is open for question – everything from Disney’s Tangled to Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities. Because in all honestly, no matter how the story is shared, at the heart, good stories, great stories, will grab us in the gut and not let go. Why do certain novels or movies or songs stay with me, curling in the back of my mind for years? That’s what I want to examine here. 

Here all are welcome to share about story. Your favorite stories, your least favorite stories, what works and what doesn’t.

Stories, after all, are life distilled.

Stories are how we deal with life. In story, we see truths that otherwise might be difficult for the human soul to digest. Stories encapsulate truth and beauty and pain and infuses it gently into our souls.

And so. I am casting of the bowlines and sailing deep into a sea of ink and ideas and stories.

I hope that you’ll join me.

It’s bound to be a beautiful, crazy ride. 


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