Five Minute Friday: Change


Signing in from Kate Motaung’s blog Heading Home where she hosts the Five Minute Friday now. The goal is write for five minutes flat with no editing, no thinking, just writing. Just breathing those words into a post. 

And today’s prompt is: Change 



And can we change this world? This place filled with brokenness? Do my contributions matter? 

The darkness swells like material shadows, swallowing the light. Hatred lurks in all our hearts, covers up the sins committed in back rooms and in front of us and lulls us into averting our eyes. 

Surely sometimes we have to. Our hearts would surely break to stare down evil all the time. Staring down evil changes you and breaks you if there is no light to counter it. 

And what can our response be, we who want to cling to the light? We who see the evil and are broken by the hatred and the abuse and sheer weight of the broken glass that shreds our world? 

We create. 

Small acts of kindness or art or beauty can change this world. They can light up our dark corner of the world and they can bring hope and love. Because sometimes the way to fight evil doesn’t look fierce. Sometimes the way we push back isn’t with a flaming sword but instead with a paintbrush, or a smile, or a laugh even when we can barely draw breath for the weight of the pain. 

This is how we fight back. 

This is how we fight for the light. 

This is how we shed light on abuse and rescue the broken. 

This is how we change. 

It’s a slow, daily battle, a constant prayer begged under ragged breaths. It’s waking up and doing it all over again. It’s relentless and steady as a river. But rivers change over time. They change the land with their sheer insistence. 

And so we can change the seemingly immovable shadows of darkness. By holding on. By contuing.